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About Us

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                    Bhagwan shri krishna college of Education Talodhi Balapur  Provide best Education Facilities in The area of Tahasil Nagbhid run by kalyan education Society Nagpur. It Established in 2006. it is Established by Honarable Dr. T.V.Gedam. The College is established with the aim of providing good quality of Education to the rural area of students


Providing quality education to all the rural students and facilitating the overall growth and development of the students through the various acadamic and non-academic activities.


1) To Provide opportunities of education to the students of the rural area.
2) To equip young mind for their future roles as responsible citizens.
3) To develop students in all Fronts.
4) To create new rural india where there shall be no discrimination on the basis of caste,colour,socio-economic status or gender.
5) To promote values like community trust.
6) To produce youth leaders for a truly modern and global society.


1) The object to start this college in rural area in a small village is to bridge the gap between rural and urban sector
2) Pursuit of excellence in the academic field and in life itself.
3) To develop qualities of leadership co-operation, service and a strong civic sense.
4) To create good habits of personal as well as social hygiene for a happy and healthy life.